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Denmark’s favorite discount fashion shop.

Canada’s favorite apparel brand evolves digitally.

Since its founding in 2006, Joe Fresh has become a big name in fast fashion. Historically sold at Loblaws grocery store locations in Canada, it launched stand-alone stores in 2010 and expanded into the U.S. in 2011. 

There’s a secret ingredient to this international growth and appeal: Joe Fresh has built a devoted community of brand fans who regard its affordable, high-quality apparel as an easy solution for the whole family’s fashion needs. With the brand’s strong reputation for convenience and accessibility, its evolution into digital was the natural next step. This year, Joe Fresh tapped Huge to design its first-ever ecommerce site.

revised Huge_JF_Slide_02revised Huge_JF_Slide_02

Joe Fresh’s existing site was in magazine format, and they wanted to continue to provide quality editorial content while moving the consumer journey to the center of the story. Early research showed high mobile traffic, so it would be essential to maintain the quality of this experience on smaller screens.

The Product as here.

Huge designed a beautiful, fully responsive ecommerce site from the ground up, one that scales easily between the U.S. and Canada. The redesigned maintains the inspiration, styling, and iconic “mix and match” aesthetic of the retail stores – key aspects of the brand’s identity – while foregrounding purchase opportunities on mobile, tablet, and desktop. The new site has been very successful at growing the brand’s audience on every size screen. 

Joe Fresh FinalJoe Fresh Final

Beautifully presented and intuitively navigable product details always exist side-by-side with a clear call to action. By making everything shoppable and positioning the product as the hero, the site maintains the editorial integrity of the magazine format while creating seamless paths to conversion. The new provides an affordable, convenient, and always consummately stylish shopping experience – ecommerce that delivers on the promise of the Joe Fresh brand.