My Final Year
University Project.


Improving the U.K's
Nightlife and Drinking Culture.

Clubby gives you access to reviews and special deals on nightclubbing. Create your own profile to get discounts up to 60% on alcohol and VIP Tables




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The functions

Clubby is a new nightlife app that focuses on discovery and exploring your city for nightclubs in a new way. The app lets you find out what venues and deals are available in your area as you rediscover the bars, pubs and clubs in your city. Clubby aims to be the quickest, easiest solution to find exciting nightclubs and pay for your drinks—no wallet necessary.

The Problem

Innovation is key!

The nightlife industry haven't changed in a long time and venues are closing rapidly all over the country because of it. The problem is information about events and deals not being distribuated to the target audience. People want to know where they're going, before going there. As a foreigner living in the U.K finding good places and deals to go out were a nightmare, so that's what I tried to fix with this app.


A new application with

three main functions



Secure payments with Touch ID.

In order to secure your payments, the Touch ID will be prompt when you need to make a transaction. Simply place your finger on the Touch ID and your order will be confirmed within seconds.


Easy access to all your transactions.

Get detailed information about your transactions, including items and prices. You can also export the receipts to your email or simply copy paste it.

Interactive Prototype

How the application works.