Branding and packaging concept for BJØRN WATER

The Brief

This was a 24 Hour Design Challenge that took place in Malaga, I were assigned the branding and packaging design of the –fictional- bottled water brand, Bjørn Water. My task were to design the logo for the base product, as well as two slightly different bottles for the Still and Sparkling Water.

I conceptualizade Bjørn Water as a highclass consumer brand with a Premium feel. I wanted the water product to be premium, and an elegant feel to be passed along the new identity. That’s why I went for a clean look, utilizing scandinavian design principles and gave it some bright photography of snowy forest mountains, located in Norway.

I felt that I had to add the extra effort required in order to provide an eye-catching result. The bottle was designed to be simple and minimal, using only the addition of high quality imagery as its main selling point.