Nico Hald

Design is thinking made visual.

Nico is an entrepreneur and designer who has helped bring to life many groundbreaking products over the past 10 years. His work can be seen in Blockchain Nordic (Crypto Investment Platform) & ExpediaTotsToTravel, and his two companies  Vikingos Minimarket and Hogarlia.

He is currently working on a new startup Dyne, creating an easy-to-use ordering services for restaurants and their customers around the world, which is simple, understandable, and accessible to everyone.

Outside of design, Nico is a passionate photographer, videographer, sports fanatic and realtor.



For clients around the world

Item No. 01


I always start out by having a sit down or call with the client, to achieve an understanding of their needs and goals for the project.

Item No. 02


The design process intially begins here. I will determent what tools I need to use to be able to achieve my client’s goal.

Item No. 03


Pens and paper comes out and I will began designing the project from scratch.

Item No. 04


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